Now you can earn money for your group without hosting your own! Come to a Mystery QFM!                                                                    Win the  proceeds for your group or charity!                                                


Come out, bring your spouse and your  friends  and enjoy a fun filled evening of winning, prizes, laughs and more! 

QFM's are the most effortless way to raise money for  your  group. Quarter Fund Mania provides a fun, one-night event that can raise money without parents working for months to organize, sell, sort and deliver the products.

These events will always be done for a charity, fundraiser or a community in need. If help is needed in any of these areas please feel free to contact me to schedule a Quarter Fund Mania today!

What is all the excitement about?

Let me introduce you to a fun-filled event called Quarter Fund Mania!
                                             Quarter Fund Maniais a cross between an auction and a raffle where people ‘bid’ (1 quarter) to win brand new products and prizes                                               from various home business vendors and local crafters.  Forty to fifty items will be auctioned off for 1, 2 or 4 Quarters per item.
Mystery items! COACH items ! Hidden Surprise items! So much more!


   Have Fun

           Win prizes

Raise Money

We have helped  many in the Macomb County area,

why not your organization?

  We are booking now for fall/winter 2015/2016! Reserve now, have 75 adult guests and

I will make a donation at your event